HAWK Safety Tool for Blowout Preventers


HAWK is installed on a BOP stack via the existing choke/kill ports. The HAWK can be pre-installed in high risk wells ready to deploy or the HAWK coupling can be installed and the unit can be on the rig. Installation and commissioning taking less than 2 days.

The method consists of feeding a continuous structure (i.e. wire) to clog the BOP wellbore. The method has three stages: Generate, anchor, seal.




Gif file showing the wire entanglement generation, anchoring, and stemming the flow of oil


  • HAWK is a retrofittable upgrade which compliments existing BOP safety systems by adding a “right side of the bow-tie” controllable flow arrestor capability once DMAS functions have completed. If the BOP DMAS fails to shear / close, flow is arrested via HAWK’s patented wire fed plug within the BOP, dramatically limiting released hydrocarbons into the environment – quickly and efficiently.
  • When a DMAS event is detected, HAWK waits for DMAS functions to complete, then spools arresstor material into the BOP. Spooling is powered electrically or hydraulically via an onsite power source. HAWK can also be powered via existing ROV hotstab connections.